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4 Projects That Require Commercial Scaffolding

Whether you’re renovating a school or planning major construction on an office block, commercial scaffolding is essential to carry out work at height. Workers need a safe and secure platform to carry out tasks, and scaffolding is a flexible and cost-effective way to provide this. In this post, we’ll show you four types of projects that require commercial scaffolding and why it’s so important.

Does your Next Project Require Scaffolding Rental?

In theory, any type of renovation or construction work can benefit from commercial scaffolding. If you’re unsure whether your project could benefit from it, think about the individual requirements. Does it involve working up off the floor? Do you need specialist access points? Will you need a temporary roof?

In all of these cases, scaffolding will be essential. Let’s take a look at some specific projects and how commercial scaffolding plays a role.

1. Projects at Height

If any kind of construction project goes over a single storey, scaffolding is required to give a safe, secure platform. Working at height is already dangerous for builders, electricians, engineers, etc., but scaffolding provides safe, clear walkways around any building.

2. Renovation Projects

If you have a commercial building in need of painting, tiling, or any kind of renovation work, your team will need scaffolding to safely move materials and give a sturdy platform to work from.

Small, domestic projects can usually cope with ladders alone. But any commercial project will be much safer and take considerably less time if a scaffolding structure is erected.

3. Projects with Tight Deadlines

If you have an industrial or commercial business that requires shutdown in order for maintenance or construction to take place, scaffolding will significantly reduce downtime.

Trestle scaffolding and suspended scaffolding are often used in commercial spaces to make maintenance and updates much easier and more efficient. Without them, workers will spend more time setting up ladders and won’t complete the work as safely.

4. Heritage Projects

We regularly set up custom commercial scaffolding rigs for heritage buildings that require ongoing maintenance and care. It’s a non-invasive way of reaching difficult parts of the structure and allows experts to work safely.

Ladders can cause damage to delicate walls and structures, whereas scaffolding doesn’t cause damage to the building and can be custom-built to match even the most awkward angles of historic structures and buildings.

Looking for Commercial Scaffolding?

At Jarvis Scaffolding, we specialise in designing and erecting custom commercial scaffolding solutions for a range of industries. From renovating a school to building a new office tower, we can provide a safe, well-thought-out platform for workers to carry out tasks safely.

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