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What’s The Difference Between Commercial and Domestic Scaffolding?

When you walk around, you’re likely to see a building or two surrounded by scaffolding. It’s an essential part of any construction or renovation project and provides a safe, secure platform for contractors. But what’s the difference between commercial and domestic scaffolding? And are the cages you see around houses the same as those surrounding commercial buildings? Read on to find out.

What is Commercial Scaffolding?

Commercial scaffolding is a large-scale platform used to carry out repairs and construction work on any building that can’t be reached from the ground or safely by ladders.

From window cleaning and chimney work to painting and maintenance, there are plenty of jobs that require commercial scaffolding structures.

In most cases, commercial buildings are much taller and wider than domestic properties, so they require a most complex scaffolding set-up. Depending on the scale of the project, scaffolding may also be required indoors to reach high ceilings and areas that are hard to reach.

What is Domestic Scaffolding?

Domestic scaffolding uses the same fundamental components of commercial scaffolding but on a much smaller scale. Since residential homes and properties are usually much smaller, you’ll usually see simpler scaffolding structures used for painting, renovations, and extension work.

Although most domestic properties could use ladders for maintenance and renovation jobs, domestic scaffolding allows jobs to be completed much faster and more safely.

No one wants to balance on a ladder and stretch to reach different areas of a home, so scaffolding is a great alternative.

What’s the Difference Between Commercial and Domestic Scaffolding?

The main difference between commercial and domestic scaffolding is the complexity of the structures. Commercial buildings require larger, more rigid, and well-balanced structures since they usually cover multiple stories.

Domestic scaffolding usually only covers one or two stories, so it’s a much simpler structure with fewer anchors.

Safety is a top priority when constructing any type of scaffolding structure, but the risk of a serious fall is greater on a commercial rig, so this is a huge factor when designing large-scale commercial solutions.

However, the type of scaffolding you get will be the same for both commercial and domestic projects. It’s incredibly sturdy, rigid, and safe to use at height.

How to Choose the Right Scaffolding for Your Project

If you’re looking for domestic scaffolding, our team will be able to show you the best set-up for your project. We’ll conduct a free home visit and talk through your plans, so we understand exactly what you and your contractors will need.

We can then walk you through the domestic scaffolding solutions you’ll need and give you a quick, free quote for the project. We’ll arrange a convenient date for our scaffolding erectors to come and construct your platform, and we’ll be on time the day we agree to take it down.

Safety and efficiency are our top concerns at Jarvis Scaffolding, so you know your project is in the best hands. Call us today to book a free home visit: 01743 442204


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